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Intersect Services is known as the “Support Coordination Concierge” in the field of disability support services with several community service awards. We offer a personalized, team approach to help you and your family access the benefits and services available to you. Our expert team has a variety of skill sets and knowledge background, working together to make your life the best it can be.

Giving You the Most Out of Your Benefits

As a mobile company, we offer our services across the state of Utah. We’ve been helping people since 2010, serving as a personalized concierge for coordinating support services. We offer four main contracts so individuals can then live the meaningful life of their choice at home or in their community; rather than in a restrictive institution. We offer four main services:

DSPD Community Services Waiver

Designed to provide services from the community to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities. Individuals are able to go from restrictive institutional settings back into their homes and community-based settings.

DSPD Acquired Brain Injury Waiver

Designed to assist individuals aged 22 or older who have suffered a traumatic brain injury to remain in their homes and communities instead of a more restrictive institutional setting.

DSPD Service Brokering

Determines an individual’s eligibility to receive services and places them on a waiting list until funding is available. While waiting, Intersect service as a brokerage firm for families in need of support at home and those in need of employment.

Health Department EPAS

Serves individuals with disabilities that have Medicaid and work 10 or more hours per week. EPAS provides them with work-related living skills and transportation so individuals can live as independently as possible.

Discover the Intersect Difference

Our experienced support team will help access the resources you or your family member need.

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End of Summer

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What Clients Say...

  • Lois A.

    “I’ve been a parent of a special needs child for 30 years. Since Debbie Pearson has come into our lives eight years ago, she has improved it by increasing my daughter’s funding, getting a behaviorist to help control several issues and helping staff implement the behavior plan through PCSP meetings. I feel like she is up to date on all the current policies. She stays knowledgeable of what’s going on with Jerika in her day programs. She is also available night or day when I need or have concerns for her. I like the fact that she understands the dynamics of our family.”

  • Natalie S

    “Training in Life Choices is privileged to be associated with many different support coordination services. I have worked with the Coordinators at Intersect services for almost a decade. I have personally been able to experience the extraordinary care, love, and support that Intersect devotes to the people they serve. They have a sincerely deep understanding of people with disabilities, and skill sets that mesh together in a remarkable way. I hold each and every member of Intersect in the highest regard and value their teamwork, as well as individuality.”

  • DSPD Employee

    “Intersect Services is certainly and agency which I have great faith in; if nothing else it is based on their exceptional effort to do the right things and support their participants.”

  • Virginia

    “Becky, I love you as my support coordinator. I think you do a great job working with me and I don’t want to change support coordinators because I think you are the best!”

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